Saturday, August 26, 2023

Launch of Year 9!

with year 8 coming to an end, we now turn our eyes to year 9, which will begin in september, with the first rows garden hitting inboxes on tuesday, september 5, 2023 and the first variety puzzle on the following monday. everything about the subscriptions is the same in year 9 as it was in year 8 (pricing, number of puzzles, etc.). you can subscribe at this link. year 8 subscribers, be on the lookout for one more email each for the variety and rows garden email lists, containing links to download all of the year 8 puzzles as a bundle. after that, the google groups pages for year 8 will continue to exist, but i'll no longer be sending any email to those lists. on to year 9!

Diagramless crossword hints (Year 9 Variety Puzzle #21)

Outside the Box Puzzles Year 9 Variety puzzle #21 is a 17x20 diagramless crossword. Some solvers prefer to know what type of symmetry (if an...