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with year 4 drawing to a close, i've opened up sales of year 5 subscriptions. year 5 starts in september, with exactly the same plans and price points as in previous years.

all the subscriptions are explained in the welcome post. if you're new to outside the box puzzles, be sure to give that a look.

to subscribe, click here (or on "subscribe" in the sidebar). be sure to pick a year 5 subscription (end date august 31, 2020) if that's what you want. you can also still get the year 4 puzzles (and if you really want previous years' puzzles, drop me a line).

i'll be traveling (to lollapuzzoola!) this weekend, but i should still be able to process subscriptions once or twice a day. if you subscribe and don't get a confirmation email within 24 hours, shoot me a message by email or on fb/twitter.

edit 8/20/19, 10:30 am: google has imposed a limit of 100 people i can add per day. don't worry, i haven't lost any of the information, but i won't be able to process some subscriptions until a day later.


  1. Frank Kegley

    Frank Kegley on #

    I can't wait until September, that is a WHOLE WEEK!

  2. Frank Kegley

    Frank Kegley on #

    Cat sound? got me, even though regular CW puzzles are using it.

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