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everything is the exact same as previous years in terms of the subscription plans, prices, and number & types of puzzles.

if you're new to outside the box puzzles, all the plans are explained in the welcome post.

to subscribe, click here (or on "subscribe" in the sidebar). be sure to pick a year 4 subscription (end date august 31, 2019) if that's what you want. for now, year 3 is still available as well. the year 3 puzzles are almost done, but no matter when you subscribe you get all the puzzles, so if you haven't been subscribing to the year 3 puzzles, you can still get them.

i'll be traveling a lot for the next couple weeks, but i should still be able to process subscriptions once or twice a day. if you subscribe and don't get a confirmation email within 24 hours, shoot me a message by email or on fb/twitter.


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