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yes, there will be a year 3. there are no changes to the plans offered (types, number of puzzles, price) in years 1 and 2.

if you're new here, all the plans are explained in the welcome post.

to subscribe, click here. be sure to pick a year 3 subscription (end date august 31, 2018) if that's what you want; year 2 is still available as well. the year 2 puzzles are almost done, but no matter when you subscribe you get all the puzzles, so that's why they're still for sale.

i'll be traveling for the next week and a bit, so i might not be as quick to process subscriptions as i was last year, but i'll get to them when i can. things should settle in once i get back home on august 27.


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    Joon, where are you?

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