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with all 75 puzzles for year 1 now published, and the subscription drive for year 2 in full swing, i thought it would be useful to write up a short summary of everything that's happening here in the next week or two.

first, year 1 subscriptions expire on august 31, 2016. that's next wednesday. if you are a year 1 subscriber and there are any puzzles you missed, you have until then to download them. after that, they'll be unavailable online.

after that, we're into year 2. you can subscribe here if you haven't done so already. in case you missed the announcement a few weeks ago, we're switching to an email list for distributing the puzzles in year 2. so you'll no longer have to come here to download the puzzles; instead, they'll just land in your inbox. the publication schedule will be the same: a new rows garden every tuesday, and a new variety puzzle every other monday.

i'm using google groups to manage the email lists. you don't need to have a google account or gmail address to join; any email address will do. i won't spam you and i won't give or sell your email address to anybody else. the lists will only be used to send out puzzles to subscribers. if you have any objection to google groups in particular, let me know and we'll work something out.

this website will continue to exist, but since i won't be posting here every week and it won't be used to distribute puzzles, i'm going to switch my webhosting to a lower-bandwidth plan. so if you come here next year, you'll notice that the site is slower to load. however, it'll still be functional, and if you prefer to use the online solver (for regular version rows garden puzzles and some variety types), that'll still be an option.

finally, to anybody who has subscribed for either year 1, year 2, or both: if you like these puzzles, tell a friend, or a family member, or a coworker. or everybody you know on facebook and twitter. :) and thank you for your continued support of outside the box puzzles!


  1. Andrew Greene

    Andrew Greene on #

    Will you be publishing a PDF omnibus for the whole year to simplify the download process for those of us who are woefully behind? Thanks either way!

  2. Joon Pahk

    Joon Pahk on #

    yes. a number of people have asked for this, so look for it tomorrow morning.

  3. Patricia L Williams

    Patricia L Williams on #

    From your summary, I'm assuming there will not be a rose garden puzzle published today, 30 August. The first rose garden puzzle will be published next Tuesday,6 Sep and it will be e-mailed to me. All correct? I've enjoyed every rose garden this past year and look forward to year two. Thanks

  4. Joon Pahk

    Joon Pahk on #

    patricia, that's correct. variety puzzle #1 will be sent out on monday, september 5, and rows garden #2 on tuesday, september 6.

  5. Rachael Walker

    Rachael Walker on #

    there's really no way to buy the year 1 puzzles after year 1 is over? I found out about this too late and would love to get them. I'd definitely pay more than the year 1 subscribers did. I understand if you want to keep it exclusive to those who were here in time though!

  6. Joon Pahk

    Joon Pahk on #

    rachael, there's some possibility that the puzzles from year 1 may eventually reappear in book form. if and when that happens, i will do my best to get the word out, but until then, i'm keeping them in the vault.

    at least you have the year 2 puzzles!

  7. Rachael Walker

    Rachael Walker on #

    Thanks, Joon!! I'm super excited to be a part of Year 2, definitely. :)

  8. Patricia L Williams

    Patricia L Williams on #

    Can you resend year 2 rows garden #11 solution? My #11 was deleted by accident.

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