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here is the lowdown on subscribing to outside the box puzzles:

the subscription year runs from the start of september to the end of august. the current year is year 8, which goes from september 2022 until august 2023. no matter when during the year you subscribe, you'll get access to the whole year's worth of puzzles; puzzles that have already been published before your join date will be made available to you through google groups.

there are two puzzle types, rows gardens (which come out weekly on tuesdays) and variety puzzles (which come out every other week on mondays). the rows gardens are all written by me. the variety puzzles are mostly written by me, but there are also some that are submitted to me by outside constructors (who are paid for their work, naturally). you can subscribe to just the rows gardens, just the variety puzzles, or both. the pricing is as follows:

  • rows garden subscription: $20 for 48 puzzles
  • variety puzzles subscription: $15 for 24 puzzles
  • premium subscription: $30 for both rows gardens and variety puzzles (72 puzzles total)

if you regularly co-solve with a friend or family member, it's fine to purchase one subscription for the pair of you. if you want to share a puzzle or two with a friend who you think would enjoy it, that's fine too. but don't post the puzzles in public or on social media.

the default payment method i accept is paypal checkout, which allows you to pay either with a paypal account or just using a credit/debit card. but if you'd like to purchase a subscription using some other payment method (mailing a check, buying me dinner in person), get in touch with me and we can work it out.

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