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i haven't posted here much during year 2 because the puzzles have been going out by email, but i wanted to bring your attention to an important project organized by francis heaney that i am proud to have contributed to. it's called puzzles for progress. check out the link.

it's a puzzle packet with contributions from a veritable murderer's row of brilliant constructors. to get it, all you have to do is donate $10 or more to any of various worthy charities that are carrying on extremely important work protecting our environment, civil liberties, health care, and other crucial and vulnerable targets in the face of unrelenting attacks from our new government. my contribution to the packet is a seven sages puzzle. patrick berry, who invented the seven sages and many of my other favorite puzzle types, himself has a puzzle (of the packing crates variety) in the set. and there are so many more puzzles of all different kinds (standard crosswords, variety crosswords, trivia, general wordplay, logic).

please give it a look, and help us help the country.


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