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the first variety puzzle of year 2 was sent out this morning, and the first rows garden will be sent out tomorrow morning. if you are a year 2 subscriber and didn't get it, try the following...

first, check your spam folder and your promotions folder (if you're a gmail user). or any other folder, if you've got some kind of filtering set up. the email should have come from the address otbpuzzles [at] gmail [dot] com. go ahead and add that address to your contacts. the message was sent to:

if you want to set up some sort of "never send this to spam" filter on that, you can do that too. tomorrow's rows garden will be from the same sender, but is going to go to

second, if you still can't find the message, try going to the google group page directly:

Variety Puzzle group
Rows Gardens group

you should be able to see these if you are logged in to google under the same account that you've subscribed under. (if you're not sure what address you used, ask me.) once you get there, each group has an archive of all of the messages sent out; currently, of course, that's just 1 message for the variety group and 0 for the rows gardens. but it's a way of getting access to puzzles you missed. this is also the most convenient place to access

if that's not working, you could try the other suggestions from this troubleshooting page. you might need to try a different email address; drop me a line to make that switch.


  1. Gary Starkweather

    Gary Starkweather on #

    Joon, Your contact form has not worked for days.

    My message is

    We batch print several OTB puzzles at a time and mix them into our daily puzzle pile so we hardly ever are looking at the current post or puzzle.

    So I just started with Year 2 and am missing several puzzles.

    In particular otb_rg2-01t.pdf and otb_rg2-02t.pdf are missing as well as otb_var2-01.pdf, otb_var2-02.pdf, and otb_var2-03.pdf.

    While I can guess why you changed delivery methods I am not a fan - at all - of this method for several reasons... no comments, no recourse for issues like this, and so on.

    We are dropping out of Andy Ries' crosswords list because of these very issues.

    Anyway, please shoot me the missing puzzles.

    Thanks for all you do,


  2. Lorraine Barg

    Lorraine Barg on #

    Hi Joon!

    I'm unable to open the RG puzzles and try to solve them online. Clicking on the puzzles in Google group only forces open the Puzzle Solver but Puzzle Solver issues an error message saying it can't open that type of puzzle.

    Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? I didn't have problems when you offered the RG puzzles on your website. I prefer doing the RG puzzles offline (i like the thorny version!) but my printer has been on the blink!



  3. Joon Pahk

    Joon Pahk on #

    hi lorraine,

    for reasons i have never been able to ascertain, the rows garden .jpz files have never played nicely with puzzle solver. but they do work online:

    you just have to save the jpz file to your computer and then upload it at that website. sorry for the extra step of hassle.

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