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congrats to austin burns of orlando, the winner of the meta contest! since austin is already a premium subscriber, he's chosen as his prize a year 2 premium subscription.

solution (including spoilers for the puzzle, obviously) after the jump.

the solution grid for the siamese twins puzzle is below. four long across entries, marked with asterisks, had only a single clue instead of one for each grid. each of those clued an answer of the form "___ and ___":

  • {Happy Days spin-off*} is LAVERNE and SHIRLEY.

  • {Burglar's crime*} is BREAKING and ENTERING.

  • the {Entirety*} of something is the WHOLE KIT and CABOODLE.

  • and the {Dark Frank Capra comedy of 1944*} is ARSENIC and OLD LACE.

the trick was that for these entries, you had to put one member of the pair into each grid. so the grid on the left has LAVERNE, ENTERING, WHOLE KIT, and OLD LACE, while the grid on the right has SHIRLEY, BREAKING, CABOODLE, and ARSENIC.

Siamese Twins solution grid

what about the meta? well, a natural thing to do when you have two filled grids with the same size, shape, and black square arrangement is to compare them, square by square. the circles in the solution grid indicate the matching letters; perhaps you could think of them as the points where the grids are "conjoined". reading them off from left to right, top to bottom spells out THE KING AND I, which is the answer to the meta. fittingly, it also fits the "___ and ___" pattern (although the two parts don't have matching length), and of course it's set in siam. so it's a fitting answer for a siamese twins puzzle.

there were 39 correct answers submitted, as well as 13 incorrect answers (mostly THIS AND THAT or CHANG AND ENG, neither of which were intentional red herrings but both quite reasonable guesses for an 11-letter phrase in the context of this puzzle). lots of you included nice notes with your submissions along the lines of "i enjoyed this puzzle" and "good luck/congrats at acpt", all of which i'm grateful for even if i didn't get a chance to respond to them each individually.

well, that's all for the contest recap. new rows garden coming tomorrow!


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