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several people have asked about the ability to receive email reminders when new blog posts (puzzles) are published. this has now been added (as an opt-in feature, of course).

to turn on email reminders, click on the user preferences link near the top of the sidebar (you must be logged in, of course). you can also use that page to change the email address where you would like to receive these notifications. you'll want to add otbpuzzles [at] gmail [dot] com to your whitelist so that the reminders don't get marked as spam.

by the way, i'm calling them "reminders" because i really do intend to stick tightly to the schedule of new rows gardens puzzles every tuesday, and new variety puzzles every other monday. the posts are scheduled to auto-process at 9 am eastern (or rather at 1 pm UTC, which is 9 am eastern for now but may end up going off by an hour because daylight savings is for some reason still a thing). i'll also continue to tweet about new puzzles @joonpahk.


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