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my name is joon pahk. i'd be a little surprised if you found your way here and didn't already know who i was, but it never hurts to introduce yourself, so here we are.

i make puzzles. i've constructed dozens of crossword puzzles that have been published in the usual and unusual places (new york times, los angeles times, wall street journal, fireball crosswords, american values crossword club, chronicle of higher education, lollapuzzoola, boswords, various blogs). a couple years ago, i decided to try my hand at making rows garden puzzles, and found that it was a good fit for me. for a while, i was publishing my rows gardens in wordplay magazine, but when that publication went belly-up in 2015, there was suddenly a gap in the market: there's not really any place to publish quality variety crossword puzzles. this blog is an attempt to fill that gap.

some other facts about me:

  • i recently wrote a book of trivia puzzles, triple decker trivia.

  • i run a daily guessing game called guess my word. it's simple and free. (update: my guess my word game died a while back, but somebody else started a new one and it's great.)

  • other than puzzles, my hobbies include sports, playing piano and guitar, and trivia. a few years ago, i appeared on jeopardy!, with some success.

  • i live in somerville, massachusetts, with my wife and three kids.

  • i occasionally post wordplay/puzzle-type stuff on twitter @joonpahk. fair warning: i have also been known to tweet about sports.

if you've never solved a rows garden puzzle, check out the how to solve rows gardens post, which also has a free sample puzzle for you to try your hand at.

at outside the box puzzles, i'm offering two types of puzzles: a weekly rows garden puzzle written by me, and a bi-weekly variety crossword of some other kind. some of the variety puzzles will also be written by me, but most will not. instead, it'll be a rotating cast of great constructors. i'm hopeful that this will be a nice way of keeping variety puzzles aliveā€”i know some folks who can make fantastic puzzles, but with the demise of wordplay magazine, there's nowhere to put them.

here are the subscription options:

  • the rows garden subscription gets you my rows garden every tuesday (50 puzzles total) for $20

  • the variety subscription gets you the rotating variety puzzle every other monday (25 puzzles total) for $15

  • the premium subscription gets you both the rows gardens and the variety puzzles (75 total) for $30

all of the subscriptions last for a year. in year 1, the puzzles were distributed through this blog, but starting in year 2, the puzzles are sent out by email. see here for more details.

to subscribe, visit the subscriber page to choose one of the subscription options. you don't need to create an account.

happy puzzling!


  1. Jeremy Horwitz

    Jeremy Horwitz on #

    I'm excited about new, top-quality puzzles from excellent constructors. woo hoo!

  2. Richard Halpern

    Richard Halpern on #

    This sounds great - I'm in!

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